About us

We are pleased to present "DimensioneVolo" Website E-Commerce Online technical material for pilots and enthusiasts, in the heart of Romagna, a company founded in 2011, with a serious and qualified staff able to meet every need in the field of aeronautics from professional pilot flight enthusiast

DimensioneVolo is available to you via the NEW online site more 'fast and innovative, or directly on-site, at Via Carlo Seganti No. 28 / A 47121 Forli (road to the airport).

DimensioneVolo  offers a wide range of products with which it will be 'able to satisfy all your needs.

Contact, competent and qualified staff will be 'on hand to give you tips and suggestions to best meet your requirements.

Our passion for the world of aviation means that the staff of DimensioneVolo is always updated and open to new realities' that are created in this area.

DimensioneVolo your flight attendant!

DimensioneVolo  staff wishes you a good navigation!