FTA-550L / AA


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FTA-550L / AA

The new laptops come with phthalates:

· Large matrix display points to 1.7 "(43.2 x 43.2 mm) with backlight,

· Channeling standard 25KHz that the new in 8,33KHz,

· VOR navigation function,

· Are of robust construction and ergonomic standards IPX-5 protection to rain,

· 200 memory channels with label up to 15 alphanumeric characters,

· High audio power of 800mW,

· Function ILS localization and glide-slope (FTA-550L only location)

· The channel configuration is easily accomplished using the included USB cable to the radio in conjunction with the software YCE01 downloadable online.



antenna, 12V DC adapter with cigarette lighter plug (SDD-12), headphone adapter (SCU-15), 6 x AA alkaline battery door (SBT-12), clip belt clip, USB cable (T9101606), user manual .