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VFR Manual "OSCAR" ( Jeppesen )


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VFR Manual  "OSCAR"   ( Jeppesen )

Jeppesen VFR guides are the most 'popular for visual flight rules (VFR).

They provide all the necessary information for flights within Europe. We show you 6 more editions' widespread, with different combinations of Nations.
In addition to the general guidelines (card symbols, abbreviations, conversions, useful addresses) Manuals Jeppesen VFR include:
- Aircraft Allowed, height above sea level, ICAO indicator, coordinates, schedules, fitness for use ', telephone, fuel, customs.
- Runways, taxiways. - Frequencies and call signs, TWR, AFIS, CLUB, VDF, FIS, APP.
- RADIO for navigation (VOR, NDB, DME, VORTAC / L) />
- Assistance for landing, take-off and approach paths, path, light circuits and waiting in flight, ATZ, CTR, FIR, TMA, areas to be avoided, obstacles.
- character Meteorological Information (VOR, VOLMET, ATIS)
- The text of the manuals is in three languages (English, French, German) and presents no difficulty 'understanding thanks to excellent support leaflet.
- Papers of airports, ring binder (2) and the introductory part, Revision Service monthly for 12 months from the date of purchase of the Manual.
- the subscriber gets to your home directly from Jeppesen monthly updates. one month before the expiration of the Service Revisions, the subscriber receives from Size Flight , a letter of offer for the renewal.
the payment of the renewal period must be carried out at Size Flight. Failure to pay the renewal automatically forfeits the Revision Service.

Jeppesen VFR Manuals are also available without the Service Revisions and without binders (which can be purchased separately)
in this form are called TRIP KIT


Austria, Bosnia / Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, ITALY Yugoslavia (Rest.), Macedonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia / Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Hungary.