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The IC-A6E comes up with a new design and a large LCD display and a generously sized speaker can reproduce the low frequency signal.
Simple to use, the commands have been reduced to the essential, in a manner that does not detract unduly from the cockpit procedures during the phases of communication.
thanks to renewed stilee extreme reliability, this system stands as a successor to the IC-A5.
Strong , but with a modern design
New Feature channel recall
wide range of battery packs and containers for alkaline batteries (compatible with the F series battery packs ICOM)
Possibility of also operate during power or charging via AC / DC adapter external
Dedicated key to the emergency call on the frequency of 121.5MHz
resistant 'with a degree of water protection equivalent to IPX4 200 alphanumeric memory channels, organized in banks
Side Tone Function
ANL function
construction and robust design accurato.Il IC-design Entries apparatus A6E recalls how the size and strength of the precedentl IC-A3E, while maintaining the simplicity of use and the layout of controls in order to make it simple to use in any operating condition.
The large LCD display, the generous speaker and the building slip material help to make this apparatus affidabilie and safe during normal business flight.
Large LCD alphanumeric
The display is capable of displaying a wide range of information in alphanumeric format 6 characters with 14 segments.
automatic LCD backlight makes this unit perfectly usable even during the night flight.
channel recall function
This new feature implemented in IC-A6E `system automatically stores the last ten channels used. For calling one of these channels will suffice act on the arrow keys dell'apparto. This feature is very convenient for switching between several channels NAV and COM channels etc..
F series battery packs
L `apparatus A6E IC-use battery packs and containers for alkaline batteries F-Series ICOM Standard. Battery packs are available in the type Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Li-Ion battery. The container for ordinary alkaline batteries BP-208N can housing elements 6 size AA (LR6) is it can be used as an emergency battery pack. possibility to operate during charging of the battery pack or external power supply unit is L `equipped with a socket for DC power through an AC / DC adapter BC-110. It 'You can also use the adapter to the DC-DC car cigarette lighter socket model CP-20. During the phase of external power supply, the battery pack connected to the apparatus is automatically reloaded. For the power supply of the apparatus is require an external voltage of 11.0V DC.
button for quick recall of the emergency frequency 121.5 MHz
To the distress call on the frequency of 121.5MHz, is available a dedicated button red. 200 channel memory banks A total of 200 memory channels available can be accompanied by a name with a maximum length of 6 characters. By grouping these channels into 10 memory banks, research and organizzazionein according to your needs, make operation is possible simple. Through the cloning software, CS-A24 will be can manage the organization of the channels directly via a PC. Water-resistant construction with a degree of protection equivalent to IPX4 This particular type of protection makes the apparatus can also be used in extreme weather conditions, or in the presence of light rain or high humidity.
Side Tone Function
the side tone function allows you to get a return of your own voice in the headphones, this feature allows you to make transmissions clearly even in the presence of strong noise inside the cabin of the aircraft, as the & rsquo , the operator will be able to adjust the tone of your voice without any problems. This function is need to buy an aviation headset with an adapter cable OPC-499 HEADSET ADAPTER CABLE.
Wide range of scans
The COM band scan, allows you to control all channels COM band, while the memory scan checks only memory channels marked by tags. It 'also also available Weather channel scan.
Other features :
Channels NOAA Weather
Output Power 5W (PEP)
ANL function for the automatic noise reduction
indication battery or surge
connector of BNC type antenna

THE PACKAGE INCLUDES: Battery, Battery charger from the wall, antenna, wrist strap, and user manual .