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Light: made of rip-stop nylon spinnaker 251gr. ( Diameter 48/24) with protective elastic polyurethane resin of red and white alternating ultra-light and suitable to indicate the wind direction at speed 'very low very visible even from great distances, in accordance with the rules on the improvement of safety and health of workers at work.
ref-Decree .n.626/94, Decree. n. 242/96, Decree. n. 359/99, DM 12.11.99, Decree No. 66/00, L. 422/00 and Law 1/2002.
The light model is designed to withstand a force 10 scale BFT (55 knots).
the guarantees of life are subject to the following factors.
years one Break: under STANDARD (ISA - International Standard Atmosphere) in which the pressure 1013.25 hpa is in reference to sea level or with the exception of extraordinary atmospheric events (events aerological winds exceeding speed of 21 mt.sec. or precipitation in the solid form of particular intensity). with a guarantee of one year.
They are supplied complete circle of fiberglass that keeps open the inlet air and lanyards to anchor it to a pole.