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Scale 1: 500,000

Also this year we have created seven different denominations of the cards for air navigation.
The maps, with this cut, can be opened easily to the airliner.
Heavy-weight matte paper PLASTIC.
The front of the card is clean.
The back contains: legends, coordinates of the raceways and reporting points.
Right on the map shows the frequency, the services, the availability of fuel and the type of fuel available.
- Integrated into degrees and minutes in the grid and in the meridians / central parallel facilitating traceability routes and manual calculation of point coordinates
- Added the minimum share of industry
- Added the IFR reporting points along the boundaries of the FIR
- In LI6 paper we added the island of Malta

On the back are reported legends, features, coordinates of the reporting points and 3D images of the following areas: VENICE, TREVISO, AVIANO, VERONA, MILAN, COMO, BERGAMO.
All of Italy is given in six cards printed front / back and cut a new minimal size for easy consultation on board. MAXIMUM LEGIBILITY!
The altitude was treated with contour lines and tints hypsometric to provide immediate and accurate visual perception of the topography of the terrain and altitude bands that identify the lowlands, hills and mountains, and shall emphasize in particular the valley furrows.
The paper reports all airports and private tracks, including those not present sull'AIP Italy, with an identification code assigned by Avioportolano, details of which are located in volume Avioportolano Italy 2018 Particular attention was paid in information of immediate use.
With appropriate icons are instantly identifiable Avioturistici the Scali, to stops and the main services on the runways, with particular reference to the fuel availability and the possible obligation to prior notice before landing.
In addition to the air spaces are identified restricted areas or affected by ULM traffic and free flight, nature parks and areas with wildlife protection.
In general geography was curated the information on the areas characterized by widespread urbanization.
The ferrules and linear features (towns, roads, railways and rivers) were selected based on their importance and visibility as references to the ground for navigation to view and according to their tourist relevance, cultural and environmental.